17 March 2012

Press Bug!

It's been a good month for Dhofar Eco Bug, with an article in The Week and a mention in RasKrabbel (a magazine for Dutch ex-pats).  I've always been conscious that this blog likely preaches to the converted - after all if you don't have an interest in the environment you probably wouldn't be here - therefore, any chance to get the message out to the wider public is always very welcome.  Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest and I hope to see an increase in readers and, more importantly, in local action!!  Oddly, the article in The Week  didn't actually include the blog's web address, but hopefully people will find their way here nonetheless...

The Week - published Wednesday 7th March 2012

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Deepti Rao Gupta said...

Congratulations!! And cheers to more local bugging ! :)